Residential Sewer Regular Service

The average homeowner most likely knows what their sewer line does, carrying waste water from the home, but beyond that, most place sewer line maintenance aside until some type of clogging takes place. When a sewer line clogs, it is common for the back up to come out of the lowest drain in the house and cause a mess which may cause damage in certain circumstances. Schoonover Sewer Service, Inc. is prepared to relieve you from the burden of maintenance and put it in the hands of an expert. Not only will you get our knowledge and expertise, you will receive a customer experience you will want to tell your friends and neighbors about. Call today to schedule a drain cleaning appointment and receive a free estimate.
Neutral and unbiased Professionals :
At Schoonover Sewer Service, Inc. we have been to many trade shows. At these trade/service shows they teach service companies how to lead a simple service call to unnecessary costly repairs for a homeowner. Because we do not do repair/replacements of sewer lines, our company does not benefit financially if a major problem arises. We are a neutral evaluator. Many of our competitors pay commission to help encourage these "upsells" of services.

40 Years of Experience in drain cleaning, period.

Schoonover Sewer Service, Inc. specializes in getting homeowners original drains to work correctly. If you have had a contractor out and that same company suggests that repairs are needed, consider calling Schoonover Sewer Service, Inc. for a second opinion. Better yet, start by calling Schoonovers today! Less than 4% of all our calls actually require a repair. Most drain lines just need to be cleaned correctly!
For prompt, professional sewer service, call Schoonover Sewer Service, Inc. at 217-239-0106.