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Schoonover Sewer Service is ready to solve any sewer and drainage issues that may arise in the Champaign, IL area. With an impressive amount of experience unclogging drains and ensuring pipes and lines are running efficiently, we remain one of the area's most trusted sewer and drain experts.

Our technicians are always courteous, dependable, and friendly enough to bring you their plumbing services with a smile no matter what time your plumbing issues arises. We value the satisfaction of all our existing customers, and we are always happy to speak with prospective customers to provide more information or a quote for our services.

With over 35 years of experience in sewer line maintenance, we are able to get any mess cleared away as fast as possible.

Feel free to browse our site to view more of what we can offer you, or contact us today to rid your life of annoying plumbing and drainage problems!

About Us


For over 40 years, George Schoonover has been servicing the Champaign-Urbana area.  Schoonover Sewer specializes in drain cleaning, and televising and locating different sizes of pipes. Our proven method of cleaning pipes, matched with our experience in over 60 communities in Central Illinois, makes Schoonover Sewer Champaign-Urbana's drain specialist. We do not do plumbing and we do not do any excavating. We simply specialize in all drains, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, downspouts, main sanitary lines and main storm sewers. After cleaning lines, Schoonover Sewer can also televise and locate any problem areas.

What separates Schoonover Sewer  from our competitors? What separates Schoonover Sewer from our  competitors is the way that we clean out pipes. Certain pipes can  accumulate scale and corrosion through the years and if not cleared  correctly, it can cause recurring issues. The BIGGEST difference is the  way Schoonover Sewer clears tree roots from pipes.  Again, if not  properly cleared correctly, recurring problems will appear. Many of our  2nd opinion calls go as: we will televise a line, find roots, then clean  it properly and re-televise to show no more roots. At a much less  price, we will fix the fix the problem.

Another  key to Schoonover Sewer's success is we do not do repairs. If we cannot  clear a problem, with our experience, we do not up sell a repair. We  simply will refer to other proven professionals who will specialize in  your specific needs.

• 24 hour Emergency Service
• Experience and professionalism 

• Fast Dependable Service
• Hydro Jetting

• Televising and Locating